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How Long Does It Take to Play Guitar Fluently?

how to play guitar fluently


When people begin guitar they all have a certain goal on mind. Whether that goal is to learn a certain song or a certain technique, it is hard to find the patience to allow yourself to come to that point.


After all, watching other guitarists play just makes us hungry to hone our skills, right?


In this article, we’ll talk about how long it takes to learn guitar. We’ll also discuss a few tips to help you to learn faster. No magic tricks, we promise you. How long it takes you to learn guitar all depends on how dedicated you are willing to be to the instrument. Unfortunately, it also depends on your natural traits.


Having a Flair for Music Helps Accelerate Learning


Those with a musical inclination tend to pick up the instrument much faster than those without. The again, those with the musical inclination tend to enjoy the grueling practices that push your skills further more than those who don’t have that inclination.


Most guitarists will take about a year to get to a basic level. This includes the ability to play beginner level guitar songs and licks. Again, this is subject to change based upon your level of dedication and your natural ability. Some guitarists may be far ahead after a year. It all depends on you.


Stay Disciplined And Focused


One way to improve your skill level and to learn faster is to make a guitar schedule. Put down a list of techniques you will need to work on and warm up exercises that you will need to do for each day of the week.


At the end of each week, change the schedule; new techniques to work on and new warm up exercises to do before each practice. Your schedule should consist of at least five days of the week in order to build a consistent and effective guitar practice regimen.


Play to a Metronome


Playing to a metronome will allow you to develop the ever crucial skill of rhythm. Rhythm is a guitarist’s bread and butter. Without it, we can’t play along to songs or improvise with our friends; two very fun things that make a guitarist better.


If you are learning guitar scales or learning a lick, slap on a metronome and play along to it. Not only will it help you to develop rhythm, but it will make it easier to learn the lick or scale. Do it in stages; start at a low tempo and allow yourself to develop the muscle memory. Once you have that, try knocking up the tempo and watch how much easier it is.


Now, we’ve given you some tips, information, and advice. Everything else is up to you. The more dedication you can give to a guitar practice routine, the quicker you will learn the instrument and the better and cleaner your playing will be.


The less time you give, the longer it will take to learn and the sloppier your playing will be due to the long periods of not playing guitar. If you want to take that big step, you have to be ready to give the time. Good luck, and have fun!


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