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10 Rock Guitar Songs You Need to Know

guitar picking techniqueA guitar lover who also loves rock music can be the most normal music preference of today. However, aspiring to become a rock guitarist requires a lot of attention. This article lists the 10 rock guitar songs you need to know to acquire rock stardom.


1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana


For an era composed of rock icons without substance and personal touch, Nirvana showed the world how to really rock using Smells Like Teen Spirit. This song shows rawness especially on the musicality of guitars, a rock song characteristic you should never miss.


2. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin


Here is another iconoclastic rock song that rebelled against the norms. Led Zeppelinís approach on rock music introduced slow and steady rhythm producing an eerie feeling. This is the reason why Stairway to Heaven is considered a classic rock song.


3. Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones


Rock songs are usually a bandís reaction on a given stimulus, and The Rolling Stones showed their reaction using Brown Sugar. Keith Richardsí guitar skills and the lyrics used made their fans think more like them.


4. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix


There are rare occasions where you can already consider the artist as the instrument. However, Jimi Hendrix did just that with his guitar. In Purple Haze, his guitar prowess and creativity marked the start of rock appreciation.



5. Eruption by Van Halen


Although not considered as a full song, this guitar solo that introduced The Kinksí You Really Got Me made sure that every rock artists in the future should have speed. Van Halenís Eruption helped rock enthusiasts nowadays to hasten up their fingers a bit.


6. You Really Got Me by The Kinks


After the fast guitar solo of Van Halen, The Kinks started to modern rock and roll genre. With consideration on distorted tunes from the guitar amplified with wind slashes and a rockerís vocals, You Really Got Me made the standards of todayís rock industry.


7. Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry


Of course, for you to succeed in the field of rock and roll, you should understand how it started. Chuck Berry introduced the guitar as a rock instrument, and, with Johnny B. Goodeís success, the guitar made every rock compositions interesting.


8. Crossroads by Cream


Musicality is imperative for any rock song, but Cream introduced another important factor ñ lyricism. With the guitar highlighting the message, Crossroads delivered the bandís opinion on the realities during their era in a straightforward manner.


9. Highway to Hell by AC/DC


Crazy guitar taps plus surefire vocals helped Highway to Hell secure a spot in this list of 10 rock guitar songs you need to know. With AC/DCís creativity in combining guitar tunes and a great voice made this song an excellent rock example.


10. We Will Rock You by Queen


Talking about the rock genre in a rock song, Queen will make an impressive addition to this list. Aside from the lyrical content, the guitar notes used in We Will Rock will always get you nodding your head.


To maximize your guitar skills and play popular songs on guitar that people can identify with, you should listen to these 10 rock guitar songs and learn up some of these to your songs repertoire.